Investment Properties

Considering purchasing a vacation rental as an investment property? Great! At Finger Lakes Premier Properties our Real Estate agents and Owner Services department work hand-in-hand with helping you find the ideal home that will meet your lifestyle and financial goals. 


Our team of experienced experts will:

• Provide the latest Real Estate market trends for each lake. 

• Provide the latest vacation rental trends for the region and in the industry. ( Click here to see our latest newsletter)

• Understand your goals of owning a vacation rental, including how your own family plans to use it.

• Receive exclusive listing updates on lakefront homes that are not yet on the market.

• Rental Analysis Projections on any home(s) you are considering to purchase as an investment opportunity.

• Information on the projections of using it as a long-term rental, a short-term vacation rental, or both!

• Information on both easy or large upgrades you can make to the home to increase your return based on our 25 years of guest insights. (See a recent case study of home renovations by clicking here)

For more information on purchasing an investment property, contact our real estate team today at (888) 599-4810 or email


If you are already using a real estate agent, feel free to contact our Owner Services Department and we will happily work with you and your realtor to find the perfect home. Call 888-414-5253 Option 4, or email