Our Vision



We continually engage our employees to envision the future of our company. Below are the core values we have outlined for our company by our team.


Our Company

Finger Lakes Premier Properties (FLPP) is the leader of the region’s vacation rental and real estate sales industries. We manage, sell, and support the highest quality lakefront properties. Our team of talented and engaged employees are committed to delivering the highest quality services.  FLPP is a great place to work and conduct business. We are a proud supporter of our community.


Our Employees

Our employees make it happen.  The leaders are trusted experts who support the organization at all levels.  They have an unwavering focus on continuous improvement and are dedicated to promoting a culture that fosters professional growth.  Our employees are amazing.  They are talented, hard-working, and dedicated to providing superior service.  And of course, we have fun and enjoy working as a team.


Our Customers

Our customers are our priority. Our guests become FLPP buyers and owners become FLPP sellers. Guests choose us because we have a very strong reputation for personalized service, value, and high-quality accommodations.  Our owners trust us to facilitate their brokerage services and rave about the superior management of their vacation properties.  Buyers draw on our comprehensive regional understanding and ask us to guide them to make wise investment purchase decisions.  Sellers know that our marketing program is unsurpassed and that sale times are minimized using FLPP.   Our brand is known throughout the Finger Lakes region.  We are respected and admired for the relationships that we have built over the years.  


Our Services 

Our services are distinctive.  We are a high-tech and high-touch company that creates a highly efficient and service-focused environment. We provide customized services to meet the unique needs of all of those we serve.  We use the most up-to-date systems that maximize efficiency and consistency of all work processes.  As such, our employees have more time to spend with guests and owners and ensure that we exceed expectations in everything we do.  We manage 450 vacation homes in the Finger Lakes region that meet our discerning standards.  Our Reservations Sales and Guest Services Teams manage over 7000 reservations that accommodate over 40,000 guests annually. Highly trained and expected to perform to the most rigid of industry standards and realize minimum satisfaction scores of 4.5 (of 5), our team of Housekeeping Professionals and Maintenance Technicians successfully complete all assignments on first attempt a minimum of 95% of the time.  Our Realtors are the “top producers” in the region ranking #1.  We successfully sell more lakefront homes than any other firm. Our company is known for our professionalism, knowledge, experience, waterfront focus and real estate expertise. 


Our Properties

Our rental properties are incredible.  Like our guests and owners, each of the homes we manage is unique. All are contemporary, fun and memory makers.  They are constructed of high-quality materials and are well-appointed inside and out.  Our offices and workspaces are a reflection of our properties and feel bright and cheery even on the cloudiest days.  


To achieve the vision that our employees created we realized the need to focus on improving the following eight areas:

1. Team

2. Culture

3. Community

4. Growth

5. Customers

6. Technology

7. Facilities

8. Environment


As we embark on achieving our vision, there are many changes occuring within our company. To ensure a smooth integration we chose four key initiatives to focus on in the beginning. Those initiatives include:

1. Exceptional Customer Experience

2. Great Place to Work

3. Operational Excellence

4. Sales Culture



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