Discover the Best Benefits of Owning a Rental Property

Do you have a property on the shore of the Finger Lakes that sits empty for most of the year? Are you interested in finding a way to turn a profit with little effort on your part? Consider hiring a rental management agency to help you rent your property to area visitors. Finger Lakes Premier Properties has been assisting homeowners profit from their properties for over 24 years. We can help you sort through the pros and cons of renting your house. Think of your consultation with Finger Lakes Premier Properties as Owning a Rental Property 101. Discover the many benefits of owning a rental property and how we can help you start making money.

Join the Sharing Economy: Learn the Benefits of Owning a Rental Property

Your vacation home can be more than an escape from your busy life. It can serve as an investment, generating a profit and building your portfolio. Owning a vacation rental property means that you can make enough money to pay off the majority of the mortgage on the house. While your income may vary according to the size and location of your property, many homeowners report that they cover at least three-quarters of their mortgage.

Become a Rental Property Owner

So how do you become a rental property owner? If you’re reading this, you’ve likely already completed the most difficult part, which is purchasing a property. The next step is finding a reputable vacation rental management agency. If you own a house in the Finger Lakes, the answer is clear. Finger Lakes Premier Properties manages more than 250 properties on the shores of seven of the Finger Lakes. Some of our clients have been partnered with us for more than 20 years. This is due to our unwavering dedication to maximizing the profits of our homeowners and taking care of any disadvantages of property investment. Here’s a preview of the property services you can expect from hiring Finger Lakes Premier Properties:

  • Does researching the tax benefits of owning a rental property make your head spin? We will submit lodging taxes on your behalf to local governments as a complimentary service!
  • Not sure how to set the correct rate for your rental home? We will work with you to set a competitive rate that is appropriate for your property’s size and location. You will always have the final decision on the rental price.
  • If you’re worried about the impact of renting your property, we understand! You are welcome to establish the maximum amount of people allowed in your house as well as make certain rooms unavailable to guests. In regards to the wear and tear the comes with renting a home, Finger Lakes Premier Properties has developed a property protection program to cover the cost of accidental damages. Any negligible damages will be covered by the guest.

Contact Us With Questions

If you have more questions, then visit our FAQ page! We’ve answered the most common questions first-time renters have. Or you can always feel free to contact our offices. We have 24/7 customer support available to answer any other queries you may have.

So why wait? Visit our property management page and submit the form to receive a complimentary evaluation!

Finger Lakes Real Estate Team Flattens Average Days on Market by 80% in 2017

The 2017 Finger Lakes Yearly Real Estate report has shown great promise for the clients of Finger Lakes Premier Properties.

Just look at the industry average listing days on market versus FLPP’s:

Average: 86 days — FLPP: 18 days — That’s 80% quicker than the market average!

“It looks like 2017 was quite a year. While many of the lakefronts saw a decrease in the number of homes sold, looking at days on the market can tell us the complete story.”

– Cynthia Emerling, Real Estate Sales Manager at Finger Lakes Premier Properties

2017 YOY Real Estate Report across the FLX


Indeed, while the overall lakefront homes sold has decreased across the FLX, FLPP’s service and efficiency for its clients, has not.


To Emerling, this is much more important than the overall amount of homes sold:

“The client is our first priority. The listings will come as the market shifts, but without satisfied clients, we won’t acquire new ones when that hot time hits.”

Coupled with 100% Customer Satisfaction recorded the previous year, the FLPP team is quite pleased with how their customer relations efforts have aligned with the industries emphasis on client satisfaction.


Emerling also explains the ostensibly negative sales statistics as instead, missed opportunity:

“The market is not down because of disinterested buyers, it is down because there are not enough homeowners wanting to sell this year. In the process, owners are seeing the full price or more on offers coming in on their homes,” Emerling Concludes.


So while the smaller market may be a potential downside to real estate companies in terms of overall listings, it is a huge advantage for owners that do decide to sell.

For more data on why you should list your home now, visit our listings blog here


In addition, to make sure all client’s needs are met, FLPP has recently brought on a Marketing Real Estate Coordinator. The resource will help the real estate team capture new homes with aerial footage and apply 3D virtual technology, getting more people to tour homes and sell faster.

The resources are here, the market is your oyster. What are you waiting for?

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Vacation Rental Game Rooms

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Best Seats For The Big Game In The Finger Lakes!

Choose your seat at a vacation rental that comes fully loaded with entertainment, games, and comfort for the whole trip. Whether you want a vacation during the playoffs or decide to enjoy the Winter Olympics from the Finger Lakes we have just the right vacation rental home for you!

View the lakefront vacation homes below that have spectacular game rooms and viewing areas for the Big Game over February 4th. Or click here to browse all of our vacation rental homes along seven of the Finger Lakes.


These game rooms are limited. Book now before its too late!

Need help finding the perfect home to host your group?
Call today and speak to our local travel planners to find the perfect vacation rental at the best rate! (866) 244-2084 Or click here!


Avoid Vacancies in 2018: Top 10 Tips to Enhance Your Vacation Rental Listing

Finger Lakes Premier Properties has 25 years of managing lakefront vacation rentals along seven of the Finger Lakes. Our diversified team has become the area experts in customer service, property management, yield management, marketing, and more! Below are a few tips from our team to get more bookings for your own vacation rental this year.

1. Put Your Best Image Forward 

Make your home stand out with great photography, leading with one unique feature that is beautiful and enticing. Want to really impress potential guests? Add a virtual tour of your home!

2. Titles Matter! 

It’s the first thing they see, will it entice them to look further? Not only does your title need to be catchy, but current. The Finger Lakes offers different experiences based on the seasons, your title can reflect that along with seasonal discounts.

3. Clear Rates

Are your rates nightly or monthly? How do they vary seasonally? Make sure your rates are clearly identified and compare yours with competitors regularly. Never feel obligated to discount without a clear understanding of the demand of your region.

4. How Detailed is Your Description? 

Be detailed and strategic in your description. Help potential guests envision walking through the home by painting the picture. It should flow accordingly to how the layout of the home is, highlighting marketable and unique features and amenities.

5. What are the Sleeping Arrangements? 

Details on bedding is the number one question you probably get by phone. Be clear in your description about what size bed(s) are in each room and even list them out for the reader as done below:
• Bedroom 1, First Floor: 1 King
• Bedroom 2, Second Floor: 2 Queen

6. Sell your Amenities!

You’ve invested in the extras, so show them off! Amenities are great selling points that make your listing more competitive. But do not advertise amenities you do not have. This will only create problems, resulting in poor reviews, less future bookings, and even threats from some listing sites to pull your listing for false advertising.

7. Quick Responses Pay Off.

The faster you respond to a booking inquiry, the more likely you are to secure that reservation. Guests will move on quickly if they do not hear from you. Timely responses will also increase your overall quality score on listing sites.

8. Always Update Your Calendar.

Updating your calendar frequently will not only help you avoid conflicts of last minute bookings, which are on the rise! Not just for the guests, but listing sites are also tracking the last time you revised your calendar, ranking you higher in search results based on the frequency that changes are made.

9. No Surprises in Your Booking Policy.

A clear, upfront booking policy will create trust between you and your guests. Make sure all details of payment dates and your cancellation policy are clearly identified to avoid any surprises for either of you.

10. Reviews, Reviews, Reviews.

The more you have, the higher you rank! Don’t be afraid to ask your guests to share their experience, in today’s world they expect a request. And review books are a nice gesture inside the vacation rental, but unfortunately, they don’t count online. After your guest has taken the time to review your home be sure to thanks them, every single one of them. Your responses, even to the 5-star reviews, help your listing in the algorithm on the major booking sites.

These are just some of the tactics we have used to secure more revenue each year for our 260 vacation homes. Our 25 years of experience in the Finger Lakes has produced a team of experts who specialize in all of these tactics. For more information about our vacation rental management services, click here.

3 of the Best Finger Lakes Scenic Drives

When traveling, it’s not always just about the destination. It’s also about the journey. The Finger Lakes region offers some of the most incredible drives. From the rolling hills surrounding the area to the pristine lakes, there’s plenty to enjoy during your tour of Upstate New York. So take some time during your stay and enjoy these incredible Finger Lakes scenic drives.

The Best Finger Lakes Scenic Drives

While there are fantastic routes that feature gorgeous views around each of the 11 Finger Lakes, the routes around Cayuga, Seneca, and Canandaigua Lake are three of the most popular.

Cayuga Lake Scenic Byway

One of the most popular places to sightsee if the Cayuga Lake Scenic Byway. With stunning views of the Cayuga Lake and plenty of fun attractions to visit along the path, there’s a good reason why this is such a favored route. The Cayuga Lake Scenic Byway website is a fantastic resource for planning your drive. It has an interactive map that can help you plan your route and find great byway destinations as well as a list of featured stops that are a must for any visitor to the area. Of course, if you’re looking for more recommendations in the region, we are more than happy to suggest some fantastic places to visit around Cayuga Lake!

County Road 12 Scenic Overlook

If you’re staying around the south end of Canandaigua Lake, be sure to drive to County Road 12 Scenic Overlook in South Bristol, NY. This spot, also called the Canandaigua Lake Overlook thanks to the exquisite view of the water, is a fantastic year-round destination. Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the winding roads of the hills around the Village of Naples, one of the towns you’ll drive through to get to the overlook.

Drive Along Route 14S

When it comes to scenic drives along Seneca Lake, there are a couple of good options. Route 414 along the lake is one of the favorites, with plenty of Seneca Lake Wine Trail wineries on the way. There’s nothing quite like seeing the lush vineyards rushing by one the road. Another fun road is Route 14S, which follows Seneca Lake. Again, this drive is right in the midst of the Seneca Lake Wine Trail and will take you to Watkins Glen State Park, which is one of the gorgeous views in the area.

Stay with Finger Lakes Premier Properties

During your Finger Lakes vacation, stay in the most luxurious waterfront homes. Finger Lakes Premier Properties has the best selection of houses on seven of the lakes. With 24/7 customer service, mid-week cleaning available, and bed linens and towels provided in each home, you can feel confident that your stay in a Finger Lakes Premier Properties rental will be a smooth one.

Browse through our selection of vacation packages to enhance your stay. We’ve made it easy for you to plan fun outings, like hot air balloon rides or kayak tours. If you’d prefer to have a more relaxing experience, consider booking one of the available spa packages or limo tours.

Browse our full catalog of homes and book today. We look forward to having you.

Best time to sell a lakefront home?


Winter, statistics say.

Everybody knows that winter is the dead zone for real estate, right? At least that’s the commonly held belief. However, national statistical studies propose that’s not the case.

According to Redfin, real estate database and brokerage company, which closely examines home listings, time-on-market and sale price data from 2010 to the current market, winter can be a surprisingly profitable time to list, shop, negotiate and buy.

The studies established that if owners want to sell for more than the asking price, listing in December, January, February and March gives you a better chance, on average, than if you list any time from June through November – the so-called ‘peak selling season.’

Not convinced? Just take a peek at the data gathered by Redfin during the first few years of the study (view the full article by Redfin here)


Season Likelihood of Selling within 6 Months Average Sale-to-List Price Ratio Average Days on Market
(Dec. 21 – March 21)
65% -2.3% 26
Average of Non-Winter Seasons 56% -3.5% 33
(March 22 – June 21)
56% -3.5% 32
(June 22 – Sept. 20)
55% -3.6% 32
(Sept. 21 – Dec. 20)
57% -3.5% 34


Graphic Provided by Christin Camacho at Redfin

The years of data collected by Redfin directly opposes the widespread sentiment that selling a house during the winter months is more challenging. In fact, the opposite trend can be seen with a near 10% greater likelihood of a quick sell, 1.2% greater Sale-to-List Ratio, and less days averaged on the market.

Now, some New Yorkers might reject this data, citing the harsh seasonal climate as a deterrent for buyers. However, the benefit of selling a home in winter holds just as true for those with unforgiving winters (cough cough, the Finger Lakes of NY State). In each of the 19 markets analyzed in Redfin’s report, including Boston, Chicago and New York, home sellers were better off listing their homes in the winter than during any other season.

Look, you have to consider the market. Since personal sentiments shape individuals perceptions, some sellers pull their unsold houses off the market during the winter, hoping for better results in the spring. By doing so, they leave a smaller inventory of active listings — diminishing the competition amongst sellers who list in January and February.

When it comes down to brass tax, real estate does not hibernate from December to April. An upwards of 5 million homes are resold annually in the U.S., and many of them are listed and sold during the winter months with ease due to the perception of a poor winter market… in turn, this perception and trendiness of listing during the green season has decreased the amount of listings and competition to the point where the winter market has proven statistical superiority in all three major areas of real estate: Selling within six months, Sale-to-List Price Ratio, and average days spent on the market.

Hmm… looks like winter is warmer for real estate than you might think.

Logically, as the next step, we would recommend listing with us at Finger Lakes Premier Properties (FLPP); our specialty of lakeside real estate is unmatched in the Finger Lakes. In fact, one of FLPP’s central focus areas this past year was to reduce the amount of days listings spent on market. FLPP achieved this goal, slashing the Average Days Spent on Market by 30% from 2016-2017.

If you are interested in more information on listing or buying a lakefront home, please contact us at 844-832-1294, or email us at


4 of the Best Places to Find Finger Lakes Antiques

If you’re looking for antique stores near the Finger Lakes, you’re in luck! There are plenty of great options from which to choose. Whether you’re looking for a souvenir for the antique-lover in your life or you’re on the hunt for a beautiful piece to adorn your home, you’re sure to find something interesting and beautiful. No matter which lake you’re staying near, you’ll be able to browse through some great Finger Lakes antiques!

Find the Best Finger Lakes Antiques at These Stores

Bloomfield Antique Mile

One of our favorite Finger Lakes antique trails is the Bloomfield Antique Mile. Located in Bloomfield, NY, the Bloomfield Antique Mile features seven permanent stores that showcase antiques from more than 175 dealers. You’ll find everything from rare books to antique firearms. Exploring the Bloomfield Antique Mile is a great day trip for anyone staying along the Canandaigua or Honeoye Lake.

Crossroads Antiques of Lima

One of the best Finger Lakes antique malls is Crossroads Antiques of Lima. While it may be a bit of a drive from the lakes, it’s definitely worth it. The mall features over 50 dealers in the 7,000 square-foot building. This is a great place to find antique jewelry or vintage clothing. If you’re searching for the perfect gift for that rare book lover, be sure to stop by. Not sure what you’re browsing for? With so many amazing dealers and such a wide selection, you’re sure to find something exciting and new-to-you!

Pastimes Antiques

If you’re staying along Cayuga Lake, you’ll definitely want to stop by Pastimes Antiques. Open since 1979, this small shop is jam-packed with fun and affordable items. They’re centrally located in downtown Ithaca, making this a great stop during a day trip to the town. This is one of our favorite antique stores in the Finger Lakes region. Find out why after just one visit!

Ponzi’s Antiques

Another great antique shop near Cayuga Lake is Ponzi’s Antiques. This store has been in operation for over 40 years and is owned by Paul and Connie Polce. They boast a large selection of 18th and 190th-century furniture and accessories, as well as artwork, glassware, folk art, whale-oil lamps, clocks, and more! Get a full look at all they have to offer in their showroom.

Stay with Finger Lakes Premier Properties

Are you ready to find some incredible Finger Lake antiques? The first step is to book a home with Finger Lakes Premier Properties. We have beautiful rental properties located on the shores of seven lakes in the region. With our incredible, 24-hour customer service and superior home maintenance, it’s easy to see why so many visitors keep coming back!

Browse our full selection of rental homes and book today! We look forward to having you.