Here Are the Best Multigenerational Family Mountain Vacation Ideas

COVID-19 Update: In the state of New York, groups must stay within 10 people or less. 

Vacations are a time to make memories with the ones you love the most. So, why not gather your relatives for a little family-friendly getaway to the Finger Lakes of New York? During these times, it’s important to social distance so it’s not a bad idea to head to upstate New York where you can have fun in the great outdoors rather than in urban crowds.  Plus, staying in a vacation rental means you can avoid the interactions you would have at a hotel or a bed and breakfast. If you and your extended family members feel safe traveling, read on for the best multigenerational family mountain vacation ideas

But before you hit the road on one of the best road trips through the mountains of beautiful Upstate New York, make sure to take a peek at our free FLX Vacation Guide! This handy tool will help you plan the ultimate trip as it contains restaurants, museums, and outdoor attractions that we know your family will enjoy.  

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Multigenerational Family Mountain Vacation Ideas 

Mountain Biking 

The Finger Lakes region offers a good selection of biking trails for mountain biking. For a deep woodland feel, head to Harriet Hollister Spencer Recreation Area. Most of the trails follow old forest roads or make loops, so you have plenty of nature-filled sights to see. You can also try cross-country skiing there in the winter

Horseback Riding 

Another fun activity for your family vacation is horseback riding! Painted Bar Stables offers year-round guided trail rides and lessons. They aim to take small, intimate groups of three to four riders but can take up to 15 depending on New York’s COVID-19 guidelines. 

Water Activities 

The Finger Lakes consist of  several long lakes, so there’s bound to be plenty of water activities that families can enjoy. Your extended family can choose to go swimming, boating, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, fly fishing, water skiing, and much more! Plus, there are many options of lakes to choose from. It’s a good thing our Finger Lakes Premier Properties vacation rentals are spread out throughout the Finger Lakes region, so you can always be close to the action.  

End Your Family Adventures in a Finger Lakes Premier Properties Vacation Rental

After a day of incredible outdoor activities surrounding the lakes, your family will probably be tired out. Rest and recharge in the best lakefront rentals in the region. Finger Lakes Premier Properties offers a variety of amenities to suit your multigenerational travels, whether it be hot tubs, fire pits, fireplaces, boating docks, complimentary kayaks, and more. We even offer pet-friendly rentals, so no family members get left behind. Get your grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, and kids together for the vacation of your dreams. Check out our list of vacation rentals, and start planning your getaway today! 

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Lakefront Real Estate Market Trends

Finger Lakes, NY | Quarter 3, 2020

The year of 2020 is one of extremes. And for the Finger Lakes’ lakefront real estate market, this may be a massive understatement. Never before have we seen the demand, the number of quick and uncommon sales, and the pure rush for homeowners to sell now to take full advantage of the seller’s market.

real estate trends in the Finger Lakes NY

Highest Demand in History

For everyone, the first quarter going into the second was rough as the state shutdown to avoid massive spread of the pandemic. Then on April 1, 2020, the Empire State Development Agency deemed specific real estate brokerage activities essential. The real estate market was officially open and our theoretical doors swung wide with floods of prospective buyers looking for lakefront homes.

In fact, year-to-date our lakefront sales team has seen a 167% increase in buyer inquiries specifically looking for lakefront property in the Finger Lakes. That is in addition to the buyer leads we have from our 27 years of managing lakefront properties.

This interest in Finger Lakes waterfront homes was evident by more than the pure volume of calls to our real estate team. The lakefront real estate section of, the top listing site for regional lakefront homes, has seen a 61% increase in pageviews when compared to 2019. Specific landing pages show impressive interest such as Keuka Lake Real Estate with an 82% increase in page views, Owasco Lake with a 138% increase, and our featured lakefront listings page up 273% over 2019.

Inquiries to Sales in Quarter Two

These inquiries quickly led to sales in the second quarter. The Finger Lakes Region saw a year-over-year 40% increase in lakefront sales volume, 13% increase in the number of lake homes sold, and an impressive 23% increase in the average price all in quarter two of 2020. As the summer moved in, so did more lakefront renters who expressed urgent interest in owning a piece of Finger Lakes shoreline.

Quarter 3 Lakefront Market Trends – A Frenzy of Eager Buyers

As we look at the Quarter 3 Lakefront Real Estate Market Report below, there are trends left untold by these stats.

Quarter 3 Finger Lakes Lakefront Real Estate Market Report
January 1 – September 30, 2020

While it is encouraging to see the sales volume for the region as a whole increase by 15%, it is surprising to see the Average Days on Market also increase. In the third quarter, our Lakefront Real Estate Team experienced a frenzy of eager buyers. A single new listing would have multiple showings in the first day, cash offers, buyers putting in offers sight unseen, and a range of atypical offers resulting in new listings selling within days. So how is it that the Average Days on Market increased? Likely due to inventory that has been on the market, even since 2019, selling. Everything is selling. Our Real Estate Department at point had 100% of the lakefront listings sold. It’s just a matter of finding the right buyer for the right house.

Our Lakefront Seller’s Specialist, Dave Luchessi, remarked how he “continue[s] to write site-unseen offers because the buyers are afraid to lose out on the competition. These offers come with significant risks but to get the property the buyers are willing to take it. The buyers are there, however, the inventory is not and it has not increased as it normally would have this time of year. “

The reduction in the number of lakefront homes sold this year does not surprise our Real Estate team. With COVID-19, use of Finger Lakes waterfront homes was at an all time high and homeowners were less willing to sell their piece of shoreline. This year owners were more likely to use the property for self-quarantine, extended family vacations, or to take advantage of the vacation rental demand. In fact, our vacation rental management program has seen a 64% increase in rental demand and a 39% increase in nights booked year to date compared to 2019.

Additionally, as we see from the average sale price, appreciation rates are up year over year. Our Real Estate team is seeing lakefront homeowners taking advantage of the market and receiving top dollar for the value of their home. With mortgage rates also at a historic low, buyers feel more motivated than ever to make a competitive offer within their price range. This year our real estate team has exceeded expectations for both parties by easing the process, resulting in quick, successful sales for both the buyer and seller.

Our years of experience combined with the influx of leads this year gives us the ideal captive audience for each listing that comes to the market. Between our Seller and Buyers services, we are able to quickly identify the right buyer the day a lake home is listing. The result, our real estate department has sold new listings 23% faster than the regional market average. In fact, in quarter three we sold 70% of our listings sold in 3 weeks or less, many within days of hitting the market, whereas the Finger Lakes market average was only able to sell 43% within the same timeframe.

Outlook for the Finger Lakes Real Estate Market

Typically, this time year we start to see the Real Estate market slow down. Summer is behind us, lake homes are being closed for the winter months, and neither buying nor selling are immediate goals to achieve. However, 2020 is the exception.

We continue to list lake homes and sell them within days with our proven processes for the buyer and seller. In October, 4 of the 5 homes we listed sold within the first day of going on the market. With each new listing we receive more inquiries from buyers who are ready now to purchase in order to have a home secured for 2021. We do not see this slowing down this year, and likely into the spring of next year. But if 2020 has taught us anything, it is that nothing can be predicted.

If you are considering your options for either buying or selling a lakefront home in the Finger Lakes, don’t wait to contact our Real Estate Team. By working with our Buyer’s Specialist, it increases your opportunities to be matched to your ideal lakefront home when it comes available. For those wondering if now is the right time to sell, work with our Seller’s Specialist to receive a complimentary market analysis and discuss how we can help you achieve your real estate goals.

To reach our Lakefront Real Estate Team, either call 833-502-8901 Option 2 or email We look forward to hearing from you!

Homeschooling From a Vacation Rental Is the Best Way to Do Virtual Learning

For Mom and Dad, it’s a getaway. For the kids, it’s a field trip! With virtual learning becoming the new norm, it’s so much easier to plan a trip without having to pull the kids out of school. That’s why homeschooling from a vacation rental is a great idea! Before we dig into the details of why you should let the kids do their work from a vacation rental, make sure to request access to our free Finger Lakes Vacation Guide. This useful resource contains a list of all the best places to eat, drink, and enjoy the wonderful outdoors during your time in the Finger Lakes – socially distanced, of course! Get the guide and start planning out your field trip itinerary. 

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Here’s Why Homeschooling from a Vacation Rental is a Great Idea 

Hands-On Learning Makes for the Best Field Trip 

There’s so much history, culture, and art in the Finger Lakes. Your child is sure to love a trip to any of our local museums. Some of the Finger Lakes’ best children’s museums include the Strong National Museum of Play and the Corning Museum of Glass.  

Strong National Museum of Play is a great place to not only let your young children run wild and play but also let their imagination run wild! They can experience unique hands-on exhibits like the butterfly garden. 

Have an artistic little one? They’re sure to love the Corning Museum of Glass. Both the kids and the adults will find it fascinating to see the interactive glassblowing demonstrations. Plus, they can make something cool to bring home like a tumbler cup, ornament, or pendant! 

The Recess and After-School Activities Portion of Homeschooling Are Fun 

Let your child have a break from virtual classes in the most fun way possible. The Finger Lakes are a place to get a breath of fresh air and enjoy the great outdoors. After school, go for a hike to the most stunning waterfalls, kayak across our magnificent bodies of water, ski the thrilling slopes, or try ice fishing! You probably won’t be able to get this kind of recess or physical education at a public school! Plus, it’s not every day that the chaperones (parents) can enjoy this kind of fun, either! 

Recharge in a Luxury Finger Lakes Vacation Rental 

vacation rental with view and bunk beds

After a day of remote learning and an afternoon of exploring the area, head back to your luxury Finger Lakes vacation rental. Our spacious homes are the perfect place for a getaway while social distancing, considering there are so many incredible outdoor activities and experiences to be had along the water. Plus, all of our rentals are near fantastic attractions like wine trails and museums!  

Browse through our list of properties and choose the one that best suits you and your family. A Little Solitude is ideal for your next family vacation. This one-bedroom hideaway accommodates four people and has a gorgeous view of Canandaigua Lake. So, what are you waiting for? Check our availability and start planning your next lake-cation today! 

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4 Tips for Working Remotely That You Need to Know

Got the quarantine blues? Why not change up your scenery and work from somewhere new? Below, you’ll find our best tips for working remotely from the Finger Lakes. If you’ve ever worked from home, you know it has its unique challenges. That’s why we advise taking a trip to your happy place in upstate New York. Get productive in one of our luxury vacation rentals along the lakes. 

Then, take a break and explore the Finger Lakes of New York. Our area has plenty of great spots to get a breath of fresh air, take a walk, and unwind. It’s a great place to get inspiration, spark creativity, or just spend some quality time with your family and nature. For the best experience, make sure to request access to our free Vacation Guide. This useful tool includes our favorite restaurants, shops, and outdoor recreation along the lakes. Take a look for yourself and start planning your trip now!  

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What Are Some Tips for Working Remotely in the Finger Lakes?

  1. Work from Coffee Shops

It will help to get out of bed and be productive if you have somewhere to be. Wake up for your regular working hours, dress for success, and head out the door to some of the best cafés in the Finger Lakes region. 

1872 Café 

Open up your laptop and get to typing at this beautiful little coffee shop. 1872 Café in Rochester, NY, is perfect for a productive day and a cup of joe. Or, start your work day off with a delicious matcha latte. Fun fact: matcha does wonders for your concentration and productivity. It’s the perfect beverage to get you into work mode. Then, stay for lunch and fuel up with the1872 Burger. It’s a fantastic way to check out the food and beverage scene of a new town while still getting work done. 

The Dalai Java 

For the perfect, cozy atmosphere to work remotely, check out The Dalai Java in Canandaigua, NY. This cute café has fantastic coffee and superb breakfast sandwiches. 

At the Dalai Java, coffee is roasted with care, bringing out unique flavors to wake you up, and enlighten and inspire you to conquer all of your work for the day.

2. Take Breaks 

Sometimes, all you need is a little time for yourself to get the burst of energy and inspiration you need to be your best self. Have lunch on a private dock outside of your Finger Lakes Premier Properties vacation rental. Or, spend time with nature and visit some of the most beautiful sights in Upstate New York.

3. Walk It Off 

The Finger Lakes is full of wonderful outdoor activities. We recommend hiking at one of the stunning gorges, like the one at Watkins Glen State Park. Take a short walk somewhere or take a whole day to yourself in the middle of a stressful week. 

4. Work From a Luxury Vacation Rental On the Finger Lakes 

It helps to change up your home office view every once in a while, so why not take a relaxing trip to Upstate New York? We offer large homes on the lake that can accommodate the entire family. Our homes are a great, quiet space to take phone calls, video calls, and to stay focused. 

exterior of finger lakes vacation rental

There are so many activities in the Finger Lakes for everyone. Plus, the kids will love exploring the museums and hanging out by the lake between virtual learning sessions. Our vacation rentals are also the perfect place for social distancing because you have everything you need from the comfort of your rental. Make memories cooking a meal with your loved ones in a full, gourmet kitchen, or have a game night in an entertainment room. 

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry, and browse our homes for the perfect work space now! 

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3 Reasons Why You Should Prepare Your Vacation Rental NOW for 2021

Finger Lakes travel trends for 2020 showed a significant shift in accommodation preferences. Demand for private vacation rentals has soared above traditional hotel stay by travelers. As the year progressed and our reservations inquiries swelled by 61% year-over-year, one thing was clear, people still want to vacation.

What is the outlook for vacation rental demand in 2021?

Demand for Finger Lakes vacation rentals continues to soar. In fact, our bookings for next year (2021) are up 56% compared to this time last year! Our private rentals have become the preferred choice of accommodations for travelers seeking comfortable, clean, and dependable lakeside spaces.

Our guests and owners value the services included with their premier property. Such services include our 24/7 guest services, professional housekeeping standards, keyless check-ins, and travel planning assistance by our local agents. As we continue to accommodate inquires for our short term rentals, we want to ensure our owners and prospective rental homeowners are optimizing our partnership for the 2021 season.

Why list your home for rent now? Isn’t the season slowing down?

Many assume this is the time when we are winding down for the year. Not true. Yes the rush of peak season is behind us, but with arrivals still 88% higher this fall than last, the momentum continues. Plus, our inquiries for 2021 bookings are flowing in! Now is the time we work with our owners in preparation for next year with optimizing their home, online listing, and rates for the next year.

If you are interested in joining for the 2021 season, now is the best time to get the most out of our partnership for three reasons:

  1. It’s all about the photos! Joining now will allow us to optimize your listing with premier photography before the leaves fall. We will send our staff photographer to your home to get interior and exterior photos PLUS a virtual tour. Photos are one of the most important assets to your listing and will help generate demand for your home.
  2. Take advantage of expert recommendations. Our partnering owners have full access to our team of industry experts. When you join, talk to our Owner Services team about possible upgrades. From remodels, furniture upgrades, to bonus amenities, these will help secure bookings, enhance your guest’s experience, and capture more revenue. If you join this fall, you’ll have more time to make these enhancements before your first guest checks in.
  3. Secure 2021 revenue now! With demand up 56% for 2021 vacation rentals, joining now will get more traffic to your listing and secure more bookings for next year. Secure revenue now for 2021 at the best rates possible.

Want to learn more about partnering with us?

Whether you are currently renting your home, looking to purchase an investment home, or are just starting to explore what it means to be a vacation rental owner, we’re here to help.

We have a dedicated Owner Services Team ready to answer any questions you may have about renting your lake home with Finger Lakes Premier Properties. Contact us today for more information by calling 855-585-5877 Option 4 or by inquiring here.