Lakefront Real Estate Market Report – Finger Lakes, NY

As 2021 comes to a close, we’re diving into the lakefront real estate market trends in the Finger Lakes Region. At a high level, it continues to thrive as a sellers’ market. Despite the increased returns owners are receiving for the lakefront properties, many are still unwilling to list as the pandemic continues.

The Stats

As you can see from the stats below, despite the reduction in the number of listings, homes are selling 48% faster and at an average of 20% more compared to the already thriving seller’s market of 2020.

Market data provided by Finger Lakes Premier Properties’ Real Estate Department.

Throughout the year, listings have remained low and we didn’t see the typical spring spike in our market. It wasn’t until the third quarter that we saw a jump in lakefront listings. This is unusual since in most years, owners are taking advantage of that final summer in their lake home. But when they sold, they sold FAST! The delayed negotiations have placed time limits and increased competitiveness for buyers to act on homes, reducing the Average Days on Market by 48% across the Finger Lakes.

In 2021, buyers became more aggressive than ever to secure a lake home. We saw an increased number cash buyers purchasing homes above asking price, without contingencies and sometimes no inspections. On the flip side, as Forbes noted in their fall article, “over half of buyers (64%) think it is now a bad time to buy.” We have heard this from many of prospective buyers who are willing to wait. Despite their desire for a lake home, they don’t mind waiting for a less stressful buying experience and an increased feeling of security with their purchase. But for those who do want to buy now, their ability to find and secure a home (even remotely) has never been easier.

The Virtual Market

The virtual market continues to surge the urgency for buyers to act fast. In fact, we have had clients submit offers, close, and then turn their lake home into a rental – all without ever stepping foot in their new property.

Virtual tour of real estate listings provided by Finger Lakes Premier Properties.

As a seller, this means the importance of choosing a listing agent who has top-notch photography and offers virtual selling options. With the lakefront homes it is especially important to include photos of the lakefront, dock(s), driveways, parking, and drones. These visuals will help out-of-state buyers make more informed decisions. Virtual tours of the entire house will allow potential buyers to do their initial walk throughs of the home. Make sure that your realtor is comfortable with doing a virtual final walk through should the potential buyer be unable to get to the home.

Outlook for 2022

Our Lakefront Real Estate team is projecting the seller’s market to continue at least through the first half of 2022. With the lack of listings and surplus of buyers we hear from daily, the competition will continue. But this also opens opportunities, especially for the second homeowners along the lakes, to cash in on their homes.

Lakefront homeowners can either sell for a higher ROI, or they are able to take advantage of the unprecedented demand for lakefront rentals in the Region. As the leading property management company in the Finger Lakes, we have had two record breaking years in vacation rental bookings. Our reservations are already experiencing a 45% increase in bookings for 2022. We don’t see this trend slowing down as we’ve increased our repeat renters by 90% from 2020 to 2021. More and more homeowners are taking advantage of this trend and turning their second home into an investment home with the help of our local property management team.

Top Tips for Buying and Selling a Lake Home in 2022

Given the fast-paced nature of the lakefront market, one of the most important things will be to have a real estate team who is responsive, attentive to detail, and competitive.

First of all, if you’re ready to purchase a lake home you must have proof of funds if you are paying cash, or a pre-approval letter for a mortgage. Most realtors will now require this before even showing you a home. Then have an open, honest discussion with your agent. Make sure they know your maximum budget along with your comfort level with contingencies and waiving inspections.

Then, make sure they will be ready, at any time, to be your advocate to secure your home. Get an understanding of their knowledge of lake living, such as HOA’s, regulations, septic systems, renting to off-set costs, and the list of details of owning a lake home. Finally, be prepared to give up some of your “must have’s”, expand your search to other lakes, and understand that with the current market it may take longer to secure your new lake home.

For selling a lake home in 2022, having top exposure of your listing will be key. Many wait until the Spring market to list their home. But with this market, there is no need. Take advantage of the slower first quarter when listings are at their all time low. This will get your home seen by more prospective owners who are already anxious to secure a lake home for the next summer. Your agent should also be comfortable with making those virtual sales and have the technology to support it. Finally, when setting the market price, trust your agent. In this market, its ok to be aggressive, but understand that if your home doesn’t get much attention within the first week, those savvy buyers aren’t seeing the value of the price tag so you may need to adjust.

More questions? We’re here!

If you have any additional questions about buying or selling a lakefront home in the Finger Lakes, we’re here to help. Our Real Estate Team specializes in lakefront sales, with over 90% of our listings in the past 5 years being solely waterfront homes. You can reach us at 888-973-5590, at, or by contacting us on our website.

4th of July Events in the Finger Lakes

Don’t miss out on all the 4th of July Events in the Finger Lakes!

Every town across America celebrates Independence Day with BBQ’s, parades, and fireworks. Here in the Finger Lakes, you can get all of that and then some.

Our region is booming with fantastic events to enhance your July 4th vacation at the lake! Check out some of our local favorites below then reserve your vacation rental today!

Celebrate Our Independence On Cayuga Lake!

Cayuga Lake Fireworks    

  • Fireworks Celebration on Saturday July 3rd at 10 pm in Seneca Falls along the canal.

All You Need To Know For Your 4th!

Canandaigua Lake 

  • 1:30 PM Parade on Main Street – Parade will go south on Main Street from the County Court House to Lakeshore Drive on Sunday July 4th.

Click here to see what rentals are available on Canandaigua Lake.

Keuka Lake  

  • Fire Department Chicken BBQ in Branchport at 12:00 pm on July 4th.
  • Branchport Parade at 2:00 pm on July 4th.
  • Boat Parade starts in Branchport on July 3rd at 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm.
  • Festival of Lights on July 4th at 10 pm – light your flares and stick them in the beach to light up the lake.
  • Fireworks at 10:00 pm in Branchport on July 4th.
  • July 2nd & 3rd Fireman’s Carnival in Hammondsport.
  • Friday July 2nd Sam Pallett plays live from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm at the Carnival
  • Fireworks on Saturday, July 3rd at 10:00 pm in Hammondsport.
  • The Windmill Farm & Craft Market is open from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm on July 3rd & July 5th.
  • Bake sale from 9:00 am until its all gone on July 4th in Branchport.

Click here to see what rentals are available on Keuka Lake.

Seneca Lake 

  • Fireworks Sunday, July 4th in Watkins Glen at Clute Park at dusk.
  • Sampson State Park will have fireworks from a barge out in the lake on Saturday July 3rd. There will also be live music and food for sale.

Click here to see what rentals are available on Seneca Lake.

Conesus Lake – July 3rd 10:00 pm lake residents set up road flares along the beach for the ring of fire. Free fireworks display at Pebble Beach arund 10 pm.

Honeoye Lake – Fireworks on July 3rd from a boat in the middle of the lake going from south to north. Flares can be lit around 9:30 pm.

Best 2017 Guest Photos

Throughout the year we share some of the best photos taken by our guests. Below are some of the favorite memories our guests created and shared while staying at one of our Finger Lakes vacation rentals in 2017!


“The property was lovely. It was up to date and well taken care of. The extras were a nice touch including the doggy bag for our Lucy.”

– Taken by Sandra B. from Attica, NY, who stayed at My Kind of Paradise on Conesus Lake.





 “Thank you Timber Ridge and Finger Lakes Premier Properties! This was the perfect location for my sisters and girlfriends to spend the weekend together! We are all from different areas including Utica, Rochester, Buffalo, Jamestown and Fredonia. The accommodations and comforts were better than we imagined – not to mention the beautiful aesthetics of the home and the view!! We will be back!”

– Taken by Rebekah B from Jamestown, NY, who stayed at Timber Ridge on Keuka Lake.


“What a great stay at a beautiful location! The dock area is amazing. Definitely the highlight of our trip.”

– Taken by Jeffery W. from Bel Air, LA, who stayed at The Good Life on Canandaigua Lake.




“Best property in our 6 years of renting. Plenty of room for a large group (13) and all kinds of nice amenities. Enjoyed the fire pit on the cliff and the large deck. Ping pong table was utilized often as well as the hammock. Bathroom for every bedroom was very nice.”

– Taken by David M. from Robesonia, PA, who stayed at Seneca Lake Effect on Seneca Lake.


“We had an amazing time at Five Gates. The house is beautiful and comfortably fit our family of thirteen. Everything was impeccable and incredibly well appointed with everything you’ll ever need on vacation. Our only regret is not staying for a few more days. We loved it!”

– Taken by Alessandra L from Jersey City, NJ, who stayed at Five Gates on Seneca Lake.


      “Had a great vacation. Loved the docks and large deck. The house was very comfortable and well stocked. A little dated but great for our family and dog. Nice yard with 2 large trees to hang out under on a hot day. Surprisingly quiet for being right off the road and near the marina. Very safe area for dogs and children well away from the main road. Great view of the bluff. Nice thunderstorms in the evening. Beautiful lake, clean and warm. We were there in early August. We would definitely love to come back!”

– Taken by Fiona A. from Pepperell, MA, who stayed at Loon Landing on Keuka Lake.


“This house was perfect for our family! It is so beautiful inside. Everything was very clean and well kept. It felt like home. The mattresses were very comfortable, unlike some homes we have stayed at in the past. The kitchen was well stocked and had everything I needed to cook all the meals for the week. There is plenty of outside seating to accommodate all guests. We caught pike, large and smallmouth bass, and a catfish right off the dock. There were 2 kayaks that came with the property. We enjoyed the house so much we are going to book it for the same week next year. This home exceeded our expectations!”

– Taken by Julie G. from Thompsontown, PA, who stayed at Eastern Beauty on Keuka Lake.


Thank you to all of our guests who shared their wonderful photos throughout the year. We always look forward to seeing the smiling faces, sleeping babies, adorable puppies, and unforgettable moments of your vacation in the Finger Lakes!

If you stayed at one of our Finger Lakes vacation rentals in 2017 and have a photo you’d like to enter into our photo contest, click here to join the photo contest by December 31, 2017!


Q3 Lakefront Real Estate Report

Finger Lakes Premier Properties is the region’s lakefront specialists for sales across the region. Our team of highly knowledgeable, experienced, and successful Buyer and Seller Specialists provide a complimentary analysis of lakefront market trends each quarter.

The real estate market continues to be strong in the Finger Lakes Region. Lakes such as Cayuga and Seneca, where homes are selling faster and at a higher average price.

Here at Finger Lakes Premier Properties we have seen an increase in quick sales this year. For example, two listings on the west side of Seneca Lake, Anthony Beach Road and Arrowhead Beach Road, sold in less than 2 weeks. The reason? It is because the number of homes available on these lakes is down, while the interest is up.  While Keuka Lake has had very little change over the last year, it remains to be  a strong seller’s market, especially in the price range between $300,000 and $600,000. We have also had homes on both East and West Lake Roads sell in under the 2 weeks.

Canandaigua Lake remains steady year-over-year, maintaining its position as one of the highest priced lakes to purchase a new home. Whereas Honeoye and Conesus Lakes, even though they are located right next to Canandaigua Lake, offer buyers the best pricing with average sale prices between $230,000 and $275,000. These Lakes offer first time lake buyers and those looking for a bargain, great buying opportunities.
Overall, each of the lakes have their own character and offer buyers different specifities, which makes using a lakefront specialist even more vital for your purchase. Interest rates will not stay this low forever! Take advantage of the unique buying opportunities and low interest rates and find the right lakefront home for your family.

Check out our latest real estate blog post:  Buying and Selling in the Finger Lakes this Fall, for real estate tips from our team of lakefront experts.

For more information about buying and selling lakefront property in the Finger Lakes, contact our Real Estate team today by calling (888) 465-5175.

Lakefront Real Estate Sales Report: Quarter 2 Highlights

Finger Lakes Premier Properties is the region’s lakefront specialists for sales across the region. Our team of highly knowledgeable, experienced, and successful Buyer and Seller Specialists provide a complimentary analysis of lakefront market trends each quarter.

As we enter the second half of 2017, the real estate market stays strong. Annually, the Finger Lakes has generated over $30 million, with FLPP accounting for 23% of these total sales. Below is the Quarter 2 Lakefront Sales Report. If you have more questions, contact our sales team today by calling 888-599-4810.

Analysis of lakefront homes sold on seven of the Finger Lakes, statics aggregated from MLS.

As shown in the chart above, the number of sales decreased 26% as compared to last year, increasing buyer competition. Homes are in high demand on Seneca and Keuka Lake, with multiple offers coming in on homes in the mid-price range of $300,000 to $600,000.

The decrease in average sale price along most lakes indicates that this year’s buyers are looking at the affordability of lakefront homes. Buyers are aware of the current market and are quick to make an offer on homes priced fairly. This could be attributed to the ADM on Conesus and Honeoye Lakes dropping by at least 40% this year. On the other hand, homes priced at $600,000 and above, tend to sit a bit longer.

The increased advertising and media attention on vacation rentals, along with the addition of Uber and Lyft to the Finger Lakes, is creating more demand for both vacation experiences in these homes as well as ownership of these lakefront residences. Listing your home as early as mid-August will put you ahead of the game but still allow you to enjoy the lake through the end of this summer. With the market strong and interest rates low, this is prime time for buying and selling lakefront homes.

For more information about buying or selling lakefront property in the Finger Lakes, contact our Buyer Specialists, Justin Hausner, or our Sales Manager, Cynthia Emerling by calling 888-599-4810 or email