Responsible Renting in the Finger Lakes

Vacation rentals are one of the fastest-growing markets for travelers in the United States. In our 27 years of managing vacation homes, we’ve never seen the amount of growth the Finger Lakes market is experiencing. With this growth, comes growing pains, but we believe Responsible Renting is the foundation to resolving short-term rental issues.

Learn more about why our region needs Responsible Renting:

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Our goal is to develop resources that vacation rental owners, neighbors, and local townships can use to educate themselves and their communities about the benefits of short-term rentals and their economic impact on the region. We are also collaborating with advocacy groups, like VRMA and Rent Responsibly to help create a sustainable future for the vacation rental industry.

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How the Finger Lakes Benefit from Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals may feel like a new trend, but the short-term rental industry has been around for decades in destinations worldwide, including the Finger Lakes. With third party booking sites, like VRBO and AirBnb making vacation rentals more popular and plentiful than ever before, its important to explore what responsible renting looks like and how short-term rentals can continue to add value to our region.

Here are just a few of the ways that the Finger Lakes benefit from vacation rentals:

Vacation rentals uphold the lake culture of our communities.

The Finger Lakes are a traditional summer vacation destination. Our shorelines are lined with seasonal homes and cottages, where families have experienced lake life together for generations. Short-term rentals support the culture of our lake communities, extended stays in the region, and the need for more property tax revenue.

Vacation rentals supplement hotel room supply.

Local hotels book up fast for peak season. Short-term rentals not only supplement hotel room supply, but can better accommodate larger groups and niche travelers. Finger Lakes Premier Properties has hosted over 80,000 guests since 2015. The more tourists our region can lodge, the more we encourage economic growth for local businesses and communities.

Booking and packing for a vacation

Vacation rentals keep family homes in the family.

Short-term rental income makes it possible for families to afford the increasing costs associated with owning a lake house. This allows the tradition of gathering at the lake to continue for years to come.

Vacation rentals support property values.

In 2018, 32% of investment property owners planned on renting their home as a short-term rental, up 24% from 2017. The demand for lakefront homes is growing because of increased demand for short-term rentals.

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Vacation rentals create opportunity.

Short-term rentals make the lakefront experience affordable and accessible to everyone. Families have private, recreational access to the water, regardless of whether they have the means to live on the lake. In addition, the vacation rental industry creates a variety of skilled and unskilled jobs throughout the region.

Family by the lake at a vacation rental

What does Responsible Renting look like?

Vacation rentals managed by professional property managers add significant value to the community by expanding the tax base and attracting direct and indirect spending in our area. Unfortunately, popular listing sites have portrayed the ease of owning a vacation rental without highlighting the importance of managing the experience for the guest, owner, and local community. Read more about what responsible renting looks like here.

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Responsible Renting

Inexperience among property managers is leading to concerns about private vacation rentals in high tourism areas. Sometimes even causing destinations to enact complete bans on rentals in that area.

Using and renting a home out as a vacation rental has become a trendy topic in the last few years. With the rising popularity of sites like AirBNB or VRBO, it seems that anyone can become a property manager. But while these sites handle the listing and booking features, they don’t cover the actual management of the vacation rental. Few first-time rental managers fully understand the scope and time it takes to manage a property successfully from booking to check-out.

That’s why Finger Lakes Premier Properties (FLPP) is in the business of promoting and advocating for responsible property management in the Finger Lakes Region of New York State. A staple in the industry for over 25 years, they are the leading experts in caring for and curating a vacation experience that benefits owners, guests, neighbors, and the broader communities that they serve.

Homeowner Education

One of the cornerstone values of Finger Lakes Premier Properties is providing an end-to-end approach to vacation rental and property management. From the moment a homeowner signs on with FLPP, they are educated on the rental process, the value their home brings, and the broader vacation rental industry. They learn that there is more to managing a property than taking a booking and turning a profit. With FLPP, homeowners receive education and constant communication around what to expect, from start to finish. 

Day to Day Management

Additionally, homeowners in FLPP’s rental program rely on the company for their high-level of involvement in managing and running a vacation rental. On average, it can take 8-10 hours a week to manage a single property, not including regular maintenance and housekeeping. More than a listing site, Finger Lakes Premier Properties handles marketing the homes in their care, maximizing occupancy, driving visitation, managing the guest experience, and caring for the needs and expectations of the local communities. They handle home maintenance and housekeeping – even providing linens for the duration of a guest’s stay. They offer a 24-hour open line for emergency needs to handle situations that arise from guests, homeowners, and neighbors alike.

Neighbor Concerns and Care

When a guest books a Finger Lakes Premier Properties’ home, they are educated about neighbor relations and responsible restrictions within the area that they have chosen. FLPP takes care to help the guest understand that they are residing next to local neighbors and residential homes during their visit – not other tourists like at a hotel or resort.

As such, FLPP provides signage around parking, trash disposal and removal, property limitations, and sets quiet hours for each property that they manage. Guests are required to sign a license agreement outlining these terms before staying at the home and are educated on the consequences of breaking the agreement in any way.

On the other side, neighbors are also informed that they reside next to a vacation rental property and are educated on what to expect. They are provided a direct line to FLPP and encouraged to call to voice concerns, request assistance, or request enforcement of policies in the case of an unwanted guest situation.

Environmental Impact

Beyond the booking and the buildings, FLPP is focused on caring for and preserving the broader Finger Lakes Region. In high tourist areas, guests can have an impact on the ecosystem and health of the Finger Lakes. FLPP circumvents possible environmental situations by placing regulations on homeowners to keep their property and facilities up to code based on occupancy sizes and the number of guests hosted each year. By promoting environmental awareness among homeowners and guests, FLPP helps to ensure the Finger Lakes Vacation Region is around for future communities and visitors to enjoy.

Tourism Impact

Vacation rentals positively impact the tourism industry by offering more accommodation options within a single community and boosting the local economy – with more visitors branching out to area attractions, eating in local restaurants, and shopping in local stores. These properties are often able to accommodate larger groups and families than a traditional hotel unit – and offer a different type experience for those wishing to “live like a local” or plan an authentic Finger Lakes vacation.

If you have questions about responsible renting in the Finger Lakes Region, please reach out to Finger Lakes Premier Properties directly at 877-776-5532 to start the conversation.

Finger Lakes Premier Properties is a member of the national Vacation Rental Management Association (VRMA) and an active participant in the local community. They remain a resource and give expert insight on responsible property management practices, including continued education around the broader vacation rental industry.