Owner Testimonials

Let our partnering owners tell you why, year after year, they choose FLPP to care for and rent their homes!


"Finger Lakes Premier Property Owner Services Team works extremely hard to provide great service to their clients.  Their knowledge, positive attitude and ethics is what keeps us using this company.  I have always received a prompt response to any questions or requests I may have.  They remain on top of all rental trends and provide analysis to recommend pricing accordingly.  The Owner Services team goes above and beyond even personally visiting homes to make sure everything is being properly attended to and offering advice and help when I personally needed to rent homes for my daughter’s wedding (even helping advice about the area).  The Owner Services Team here is just the absolute best!!!!"

- Sheila W., partnering owner for 5 years.

"We have used other property management service companies and immediately noticed a difference with FLPP. The transition of rentals from the previous owner of the property went smoothly with no problems. Not only were we impressed, the guests were pleased with the increased customer service. 

We live a distance away and FLPP has come through for us in regards to maintenance. They have services in place that help us from getting the hot tub ready for guests to having trash pick up out of the garage."

The best part of FLPP is not only do they support us as owners but the guests really appreciate their service also."

-Dennis & Justine P.

"The FLPP Owner Services team is a responsive group, dedicated to making the rental of my lake cottage an easy experience for ME.  I know they will respond to any guests issues without needing my input.  During an unexpectedly hot, hot stretch of summer, they responded to a guest’s complaints of the cottage being too hot by installing a temporary window air conditioner (at no expense to me).  My grinder pump stopped working one weekend with guests in residence and they contacted the town emergency number to get it replaced.  Again, no cost to me.  When the furnace needed a small repair in the middle of winter, they got it going again.  I trust them to handle my lake cottage and the guests staying there, enhancing my own experience of lake cottage ownership."

- Mary A.R., partnering owner for 3 years


The purpose of this note is to say thank you and you were right. The staff of FLPP have worked very diligently with us during the past 3 years and have helped us improve the property and add amenities so we could compete with other similar properties. As of today, we have exceeded our gross rental goals for 2017 and under run our budget for maintenance. I wanted to particularly thank Kate Chappell for always being there to help us maximize bookings and providing the right level of advertising for the property.

- Ralph O. partnering owner for 4 years


"Our relationship with Finger Lakes Premier Properties began in 2006 when it was known as "Rental Plus".  Both Kate Chappell and Brian Zerges were of great help to us 12 years ago when we signed up to rent our lakehouse on Keuka Lake.   We have had a great working relationship with FLPP throughout those years and  in 2015 we chose to have a second cottage listed with them.


There are numerous reasons why we chose FLPP not just once but twice for property management.  One of our memorable experiences was when a couple who had rented our lakehouse numerous times canceled their reservation on the day they were supposed to arrive.   They had booked it for the entire month of July and their cancellation the day they were supposed to move in was a serious matter.  An FLPP representative we knew well (Kate) called to advise us of this bad news but immediately had a plan.  FLPP would make every effort to rent it during those four weeks and they succeeded in finding renters for all of the weeks except one.  We were very grateful!  We could never had made such a recovery on our own and we would have lost thousands of dollars.


We live almost five hours from our cottages and there are many issues we cannot assist with from afar.  Maintenance problems that arise need to be dealt with right away and FLPP takes care of them in a very timely manner.  It can be as minor as a drain that drains slowly or more major such as the time the microwave oven quit working.   FLPP delivered a loaner microwave oven right away.    


Also very important are problems that need to be addressed if there are too many renters in the cottage, too many cars, or there is a lot of noise making after 10 PM.   Once a car was parked so that it blocked our dead end lane.   FLPP informs neighboring cottages of the number to call when they sense there are problems with the people renting.   It is very rare that anyone near us has had to contact FLPP but they did in the case of the car blocking our lane.    FLPP handles situations such as these quickly and firmly and the matter is resolved without any intervention whatsoever on our part.  Their agreement with renters is very comprehensive and we are relieved we do not have to deal with matters such as these.   We are also pleased that FLPP manages all of the collection of money.


Through FLPP we can rent our properties and feel rewarded, not ever burdened.  Twelve years of experience with FLPP is a long time and they definitely have earned a 5-star rating based on how they have served both our needs and those of people who are renting."

- Victoria D., partnering owner for 12 years


"As out of state owners of a property in the Finger Lakes, we were worried about our property being maintained to our high standards. FLPP Owners Services has worked with us to ensure our property is taken care of and issues are addressed quickly. The Owner Services team communicates effectively to create a win:win when concerns arise, and keeps our investment well-maintained.

- Owners of Lake Orchard View


"My experience with Finger Lakes Premier Properties has been nothing but positive for over 10 years! What started as a business relationship has become more of a working friendship as I have gotten to know the staff and their commitment to not only the guests but the owners of the homes that are being rented. You really get to know who you are working with when real problems arise and you are in the trenches together working through a problem with a families vacation on the line! Having said all of this, the bottom line is that their website works! We have had 10 years of consistent bookings producing more revenue than I anticipated when we entered their rental program."

- Bob B., Owner with FLPP for 10 years


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