Long Term Management

Rental properties are increasingly in demand, creating lucrative investment opportunities.  Finger Lakes Premier Properties will help you capitalize on these opportunities by helping you find, purchase, maintain, and manage your rental property investment.  

Finger Lakes Premier Properties is one of the largest property management and rental service companies in the state.  Our size, regional presence, and resources allow us to provide you with a stress-free property management experience.

We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive portfolio of management services that helps property owners to maximize their investments while eliminating the time and stress of maintaining the property.  Whether you have one property or many, we offer you a full range of services, from tenant selection, lease preparation, property inspections, to maintenance oversight and accounting.  Our staff is seasoned, skilled professionals who work diligently to keep abreast of the rapidly changing market, as well as legal, regulatory, and fair housing issues, providing you peace of mind.


We Put Your Investment Goals First

Selecting the right partner to ensure your investments perform at their maximum potential is critical.  Finger Lakes Premier Properties has extensive experience managing a variety of different types of property, from residential homes to multimillion-dollar lake properties.  As a licensed real estate brokerage, we understand the value of properly maintaining a property to ensure it keeps or increases its resale value. 


Learn More About Your Property Income Potential 

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