Maintenance Services

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With 25 years of experience in property management, Finger Lakes Premier Properties is now extending their professional services to any homeowner or business in the Finger Lakes region.



Currently managing 265 premier vacation rentals along 7 lakes, their team of trained maintenance technicians is available 7-days a week to ensure the proper upkeep of your property year round.




Below is a general list of services offered, for more information contact them today at (866) 689-4171 ext 6.




• Foundation check

• Install storm windows and doors

• Remove and repair screens

• Check supports, stairs, and railings for safety

• Inspect exterior walls

• Inspect seawalls/retaining walls

• Gutter cleaning and upkeep

• Install weather strips to doors and windows, including garage doors

• Inspect and repair driveways

• Inspect and repair walkways

• Pressure wash house, patios, decks and docks 

• Clean and store summer garden tools and equipment

• Rake and reseed lawn

• Landscaping and flowerbeds

• Tree trimming

• Snow removal and salting

• Beach upkeep


• Inspect and upkeep furnaces and ducts

• Clean and rotate ceiling fan blades

• Woodstove and fireplace inspections and cleaning

• Inspect attic and basement for proper insulation, ventilation, and pests.

• Test and upkeep smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

• Removal and upkeep of air conditioners

• Clean humidifiers













To get a quote for the services you need, contact our Maintenance Supervisor at (866) 689-4171 ext 6.


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