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Lakefront homes account for 85% of our sales, compared to the average of other Finger Lakes agencies at 29%.

FLPP homes are on the market an average of 28 days fewer than competitor real estate agencies. 


At Finger Lakes Premier Properties, our aim is to guide you through the process of selling a home with ease. From preparing to sell, to selecting a price, to attracting buyers, to negotiating an agreement, there are several choices to be made, and each step makes a difference in the final outcome. As a courtesy to you, we are offering our Finger Lakes real estate expertise in our online Seller's Guide.


Seller's Guide to Listing a Lakefront Home

Preparing to Sell

Preparing your home to go on the market means wearing a new hat. Think as if you were the home buyer and ask yourself “Would I buy this house?” You may notice it's time to renovate the master bath, update the paint, or simply plant some flowers. This is a home and no matter who your buyers are, they will want to see TLC. Need more ideas? Our area experts have years of experience selling on the Finger Lakes and as area experts, we can help you decide what is really needed and what is not, plus we are well connected to area professionals, i.e. builders, plumbers, electricians, attorneys, etc.

Setting the Right Price

Setting the right price is a critical step in making sure your home sells for the highest amount possible without preventing it from selling. Setting the right price will also help you decide how much to invest in renovations and updates. You may find that a few renovations are needed in order for the home to sell at certain prices.

Marketing Your Home

Key to selling your home is finding the right buyer. Our robust marketing team ensures that potential buyers see your home both in person and on the Internet. With extensive signage on seven lakes and a highly optimized website which reaches more than 250,000 visitors per year, we make sure your home receives maximum exposure. Plus, we offer top quality customer service with year-round availability, 24 hours a day, 7 days week.

Reaching an Agreement

Sometimes it takes a little give and take to come to an agreement. The careful fine-tuning of an agreement is what makes the home a great home for the buyer and an investment success for you. Our area experts are well versed in making negotiations as seamless as possible. We cut through the chase and close the deal like no other. With over 20 years experience, we know how to get down to business.

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Check out our latest quarterly real estate report, detailing the conditions of the lakefront market here in the Finger Lakes. 

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