Posted on 1/25/2019

Smart Home Tech Upgrades Guests Will Love

Smart Home Tech Upgrades Guests Will Love

It?s no secret, technology and innovation have exploded into every facet of our lives. Homes are no exception to this technological revolution. With Smart Home technologies now available, many consumers?whether buying or renting?allow smart home features to influence their purchase decision. ?Approximately 81% of home buyers prefer smart homes over non-smart homes,? according to VRM Intel. Ranked by consumer demand, the following features are ones that homeowners should consider installing in their vacation rentals to increase appeal and bookings.

1. Fast Wi-Fi

We?re in the 21st century. A home without Wi-Fi is like living in the Dark Ages. A home without fast Wi-Fi isn?t much better?possibly worse. Just imagine your guest, waiting for a website to load, waiting for twenty seconds. Unthinkable. If you want to see bookings, fast Wi-Fi is a necessity.

2. Smart Security Systems

This could include electronic access or high-tech door locks. You wouldn?t think smart security systems would be at the top of the list for vacation renters. For a homeowner, yes, but not a guest. Yet, in a study conducted by, 93% of guests showed interest in smart security systems over other smart features. Sounds like a win-win for both homeowners and guests. Nobody has to worry about keys getting lost or stolen and the access code can be changed, preventing previous guests from returning to pick up that phone charger they forgot. At Finger Lakes Premier Properties we have accommodated this trend with our remote smart locks. Not only providing guests with an extra sense of security but also the peace of mind with an easy check-in process to begin their vacation.

3. Smart TV

If you want guests to have a positive experience and keep them coming back, install a smart TV if you haven?t already. Smart TV?s ranked just as high as security systems in the previous study. Why? Because guests enjoy connecting to their personal Netflix or Hulu account to watch whatever their heart desires.

4. Voice Assistant

Go over the top and impress your guests with a voice assistant such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. The hotel and vacation rental industries are already incorporating smart home features. Why not jump ahead of the pack and get a larger share of market? The voice assistant is able to provide local information, accessing music, weather reports, and the answers to a wide variety of other questions. Think convenience. Think comfort. Anything to make your guest?s vacation easier and more enjoyable.

voice controlled smart speaker

5. Smart Tablet

The days of ink and paper are dwindling. Digital is the way to go. In addition to or in place of a voice assistant, you could include a welcome tablet. So instead of flipping through a book to find information, guests can use the tablet for an interactive experience. The smart tablet is just another way to make your property stand out from others as modern, hip, and techy. If you are worried about the tablet or voice assistant mysteriously disappearing, don?t worry. Anti-theft security grips or cable lock kits have you covered.

Another recommendation is to ask your property manager what they offer in terms of guest apps. At Finger Lakes Premier Properties, our guest app not only provides information about a reservation and details about their rental, but it also offers local information on restaurants, attractions, and events.

Finger Lakes Premier Properties Can Help!

Unsure where to begin or how to proceed with tech upgrades, let us help you. Our Owner Services department has over twenty-five years experience working with guests; they know what guests want. Contact Owner Services today for professional advice on technological upgrades you can implement in your home.

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