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Posted on 3/3/2020

Responsible Renting in the Finger Lakes

Vacation rentals are one of the fastest-growing markets for travelers in the United States. In our 27 years of managing vacation homes, we've never seen the amount of growth the Finger Lakes market is experiencing. With this growth, comes growing pains, but we believe Responsible Renting is the...

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Posted on 11/21/2019

10 Best Black Friday Purchases for Vacation Rental Homeowners

Are you wondering how you can keep your guests coming back year after year? Little touches make a big difference. Revisit your post season inspection that you had this past fall with our Owner Services Department and check some items off your list this Black Friday! Black Friday must haves for your

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Posted on 9/25/2019

Why Rental Owners Should Consider Fall Upgrades

Fall is the perfect time for vacation rental homeowners to consider upgrades for next summer. It's the sweet spot between peak season bookings and winterization, where you can actually slow down and take a look at how your home fared during its busiest months. While our housekeeping and

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Posted on 6/21/2019

FAQ Friday: Managing the Guest Experience

When you own a vacation rental, you aren't just responsiblefor maintaining a home. You become the key person that oversees reservations,housekeeping, laundry, maintenance calls, marketing '" everything that whencombined, creates the guest experience. When you host a family or group

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Posted on 6/6/2018

Top 6 Frustrations of Vacation Rental Homeowners

...and how Finger Lakes Premier Properties can help!On the surface, jumping into the vacation rental business seems like a no-brainer for open-minded homeowners. Fluff the pillows, snap a few photos, list on a booking site, and collect the cash'¦ done. At Finger Lakes Premier Properties

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