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Posted on 2/6/2024

3 Reasons Why You Should Book Direct This Year

Book Direct Day 2024 is February 7th! It's a day when vacation rental owners and managers from around the world promote a common message: bypass third-party channels to book your vacation directly at the source. There's a misconception that when guests book from a third-party site, like Airbnb and

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Posted on 6/24/2022

Rainy Day Activities in the Finger Lakes

We know how to have fun in any season here in the Finger Lakes! From snow to falling leaves to gorgeous, sunshiny days, we have beautiful views and lots to do no matter the weather. But if you experience a dreary day during your vacation, don't fret '" we have some tips for making the best...

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Posted on 6/14/2022

3 Fantastic Elopement Destinations on Keuka Lake

Who said planning your elopement in the Finger Lakes can't be a blast? We are here to make the whole thing fun, easy, and affordable. Back in the day, an elopement was two people running off to city hall or driving to Vegas to tie the knot. While those weddings still happen today, a modern

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Posted on 7/20/2021

Use Our Packing Checklist To Make The Most Of Your Vacation

When planning a trip to the Finger Lakes and staying in a vacation rental its hard to know what you need to bring because each rental is so different from the other. Click below to download our packing checklist to help guide you when packing for your stay at a FLPP rental. This list will ensure you...

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Posted on 1/29/2021

How to Make a Finger Lakes Premier Properties Vacation Home Your Own

One of the greatest perks of staying in a vacation rental rather than in a hotel room is that you can make yourself right at home! With their beautiful accommodations and top-notch features, it's easy to?make a Finger Lakes Premier Properties Vacation Home your own?during your

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Posted on 5/11/2020

The Premier Advantage of Booking a Vacation Rental

If one thing is certain during these unprecedented times, it is that travel will look different going forward. We will be more conscious of space and human contact. Our choices of transportation, locations, and especially accommodations will have more inquisition in the planning stages of your next

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Posted on 11/5/2019

How the Finger Lakes Benefit from Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals may feel like a new trend, but the short-term rental industry has been around for decades in destinations worldwide, including the Finger Lakes. With third party booking sites, like VRBO and AirBnb making vacation rentals more popular and plentiful than ever before, its important to...

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Posted on 6/25/2019

Ask Your Agent: Purchasing an Investment Property

Lakefront living has its perks '" gorgeous views, a place tocool off, an escape from everyday life '" but it can come at a cost. As aresult, many homeowners are looking to short-term renting to pay taxes orgenerate extra income. If you're in the market to purchase a lakefront home and...

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Posted on 6/21/2019

FAQ Friday: Managing the Guest Experience

When you own a vacation rental, you aren't just responsiblefor maintaining a home. You become the key person that oversees reservations,housekeeping, laundry, maintenance calls, marketing '" everything that whencombined, creates the guest experience. When you host a family or group

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Posted on 5/10/2019

Responsible Renting

Inexperience among property managers is leading to concernsabout private vacation rentals in high tourism areas. Sometimes even causingdestinations to enact complete bans on rentals in that area. Using and renting a home out as a vacation rental has becomea trendy topic in the last few years. With

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