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Posted on 9/16/2020

A Helpful Guide for Relocating to the Finger Lakes

Are you ready to start a new adventure? Whether you want a completely new start or an investment property to frequent seasonally, Finger Lakes Premier Properties has all the resources you need to start your journey relocating to the Finger Lakes! The Finger Lakes region of Central New...

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Posted on 1/10/2020

How to Maximize Your Finger Lakes Vacation Rental: 5 Tips You Need to Know

Want to know how to maximize your Finger Lakes vacation rental? Read on to learn our best tips and tricks to help you keep your VR booked all-year-round!How to Maximize Your Finger Lakes Vacation Rental1. Be HospitableHospitality is a major part of the guest experience. That's why we've

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Posted on 11/14/2019

Protect Your Lake House This Winter

When it comes to winter, there are two types of lakefront homeowners '" those who weather the storms and those who head for warmer water. If you own or are considering buying a lake house, but not interested in sticking around for the Finger Lakes snowfall, you'll need to winterize your

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Posted on 10/11/2019

How to Buy a Lake House

Maybe you've had the dream to buy a lake house for a long time. Maybe you've heard success stories about owning a vacation rental. Regardless, you're ready to own your very own slice of lake life, but where do you start? We caught up with our buyer specialist, Dave Lucchesi, to answer...

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Posted on 8/2/2019

Lakefront Real Estate Report: Q2 Highlights

Finger Lakes Premier Properties is the region's lakefront specialists for sales across the Finger Lakes. Our team of highly knowledgeable, experienced, and successful Buyer and Seller Specialists provide a complimentary analysis of lakefront market trends each quarter. Analysis of lakefront

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Posted on 6/25/2019

Ask Your Agent: Purchasing an Investment Property

Lakefront living has its perks '" gorgeous views, a place tocool off, an escape from everyday life '" but it can come at a cost. As aresult, many homeowners are looking to short-term renting to pay taxes orgenerate extra income. If you're in the market to purchase a lakefront home and...

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Posted on 5/17/2019

Enhance your Lakefront Listing with Better Visual Content

With the increased use of visual social media platforms and mobile internet, having quality, professional photos has never been more essential to selling a home. Prospective buyers can access your listing and develop interest in your home '" or take it off their list '" without ever seeing...

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Posted on 4/19/2019

Q1 Lakefront Real Estate Report

Advise for lakefront buying and selling in the Finger LakesIt's here! Download our full report to see how the lakefront real estate market performed during the first quarter of 2019. Lakefront Real Estate Report - April 2019DownloadWhat you need to knowIt continues to be a seller's market. A

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Posted on 1/29/2019

Lakefront Real Estate Trends

For Real Estate trends, 2018 was quite a year for waterfront homes in the Finger Lakes. As you can see from the chart below, many lakefronts saw a decrease in the number of homes sold, average sale prices, and overall volume sold. However, looking at the days on market, we can see the complete

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Posted on 5/4/2018

Home Staging: The Art of Dressing a House for Success

Last week we posted the article, Maximizing Your Property's Potential with 3 Simple Steps (insert bitlink for Facebook) which gave specific examples of what to clean and repair to ready your home for sale. If you haven't read the previous editorial, we highly recommend viewing this piece

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