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Posted on 3/26/2024

The Best Ways to Spend Spring in the FLX

Spring is often overlooked as a time to visit the Finger Lakes, but for many travelers it's the perfect way to cure cabin fever lingering from the long winter months. Plan a wine tour, fishing trip or weekend getaway with fewer crowds, lower rates, and our 3for2 Discounts. Our vacation rentals

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Posted on 6/14/2022

3 Fantastic Elopement Destinations on Keuka Lake

Who said planning your elopement in the Finger Lakes can't be a blast? We are here to make the whole thing fun, easy, and affordable. Back in the day, an elopement was two people running off to city hall or driving to Vegas to tie the knot. While those weddings still happen today, a modern

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Posted on 6/11/2021

What is our September Secret?

It's where September still feels like summer in the Finger Lakes, but offers "off season" rates. After Labor Day, vacation on your favorite Finger Lake while taking advantage of lower rates, property specials, and reduced traffic at parks, wineries, and restaurants.The month of September typically

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Posted on 7/5/2020

5 Ways to Make Finger Lakes Premier Properties Your Home Away from Home

Whether you're planning a family getaway for two weeks or two months, you'll want to feel right at home during your stay at Finger Lakes. What better way to make yourself at home than to start creating memories together? After all, home isn't where you are; it's who's with you! We have a few ideas

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Posted on 5/11/2020

The Premier Advantage of Booking a Vacation Rental

If one thing is certain during these unprecedented times, it is that travel will look different going forward. We will be more conscious of space and human contact. Our choices of transportation, locations, and especially accommodations will have more inquisition in the planning stages of your next

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Posted on 2/18/2020

9 Shamrockin' Events in the FLX

St. Patrick's Day is upon us once again, and we?ve picked the region's 9 shamrockin'events in the FLX for you to paint green this month and on March 17th, St. Patrick's Day itself. So, dust off your lucky leprechaun hat, grab your gold jewelry and let your inner Emerald

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Posted on 2/4/2020

4th of July Events in the Finger Lakes - 2020

We have updated information for July 4th, 2020 in a new blog post reflecting changes due to COVID-19. Click Here for the Updated BlogThe Finger Lakes is bursting with exciting ways to make your Independence Day crackle '" and this summer, we have a wealth of celebrations that will rocket your

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Posted on 1/3/2020

Top 2019 Finger Lakes Guest Photos!

Throughout the year we share some of the best photos taken by our guests. Below are some of the favorite memories our guests created and shared while staying at one of our Finger Lakes vacation rentals in 2019! We especially love when our guests share photos of their vacation fun with our rentals

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Posted on 12/12/2019

Plan the Perfect Finger Lakes Proposal

Planning a proposal in 2020? Arrange a romantic getaway to the Finger Lakes and make it an engagement to remember! Our lakeside vacation rentals have hosted hundreds of bridal parties, bachelorettes, and wedding guests, but there's nothing quite as special as hosting the beginning of it all. We

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Posted on 3/29/2019

The Scoop on the Best Things to Do Around Canandaigua Lake

Do you have a hankering to get away for a week? We know the feeling! Canandaigua Lake is the perfect place for a vacation, no matter the time of year. There are endless year-round attractions, from skiing in the winter to hiking in the summer. Check out some of our favorite things to do around

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