Posted on 3/14/2023

Everything You Need to Know About Taughannock Falls State Park Trails

Taughannock Falls State Park, NY

Everything You Need to Know About Taughannock Falls State Park Trails

Your trip to the Finger Lakes region is not complete without a day exploring the tallest drop of water east of the Rocky Mountains, located in Taughannock Falls State Park. Imagine a waterfall taller than Niagara Falls. That?s Taughannock Falls, one of the most outstanding natural attractions of the Northeast. Visit the towering 215-foot waterfall in Trumansburg, NY, on your next Finger Lakes getaway. There are so many wild adventures to partake in at the state park that it will have you falling in love with the waterfalls of the Finger Lakes region. 

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Hiking at Taughannock Falls State Park

Lace-up your hiking boots and hit the trails for a peaceful day with nature. Taughannock Falls State Park is open year-round from dawn to dusk. Don?t forget to bring your furry friend, because the park is pet-friendly. Just make sure you avoid any areas with signs prohibiting pets. A great way to spend the day with your dog is to go on a hike!

 If you?re an expert hiker or a novice, you can find the perfect trail for your skill level at Taughannock Falls State Park. 

For the Level-Headed Hiker

Gorge Trail

The Gorge Trail is easy an easy trail, without many obstacles. This flat-level trail is open for the majority of the year, only closing when ice becomes treacherous. See the gorge walls along both sides of the trail as well as a sometimes soothing, sometimes raging creek. Either way, the trail is always a beauty!

For the Hiker Who Loves a Good Challenge

Rim Trail

Hike the Rim Trail, and you?ll have the option of going up the North Segment or down the South Segment of the trail. On these trails, make your way around stones and roots to make it to the bottoms of the trails. Be careful because this area is very steep. The park has stone steps to help you out, but those sections are closed off during the winter because of the ice. The views you can see on this hike are worth the obstacles!

For The Indecisive One

Multi-Use Trail

There are so many ways to explore the Multi-Use Trail, so If you enjoy hiking, running, or cross-country skiing, this trail is the one for you. Discover the highs and lows of the park by trekking through 150 feet of elevation changes. Although you won?t encounter any waterfalls on this route, you can find a breathtaking view of Cayuga Lake.

For The Hiker Who Enjoys the Finer Things

Black Diamond Trail

The Black Diamond Trail is recently refurbished and has easy-to-walk-on, smooth gravel. There are so many gorgeous sights to see on this trail and so many ways to get by! You can walk, run, ski, or ride a bike. Keep an eye out for stunning ravines, colorful fall foliage, and magnificent bison!

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