Posted on 5/3/2022

Best Ways to Enjoy Scuba Diving in the Finger Lakes

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Best Ways to Enjoy Scuba Diving in the Finger Lakes

Most people attribute scuba diving to the ocean or seas, but there is plenty to see and find when you scuba dive in the Finger Lakes. Scuba diving with the right help can be a safe and fun way to explore the underwater depths of the Finger Lakes. Read our blog for helpful tips and local outfitters and trainers to help you explore safely.

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Finger Lakes Scuba Diving Guides and Trainers

S&R Underwater

For scuba diving in Seneca Lake, S&R UnderWater are the best choice! While you are staying on the lake, trust S&R to provide you with a great guided underwater tour and train you on how to dive safely under Seneca Lake. Be sure to call before you book a session.

Marshall Scuba Training

Marshall Scuba Training handles diving under Cayuga Lake. Jack Marshall is a highly trained diving instructor and guide who can help you learn how to scuba dive on your own and explore the lake.

Tips for Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is not for everyone and if you have medical issues please consult your doctor before going diving. Here are a few tips to help you, scuba dive, safely.

  • Make Sure You?re Fit to Dive ? Diving can be streneous and with the change in pressure anything that goes wrong underwater can have drastic consequences.
  • Listen to dive guide/instructor ? Wehterh its your first or 50th, each dive has its own challenges and you should always listen to your dive guide.
  • Have scuba diving/travel insurance ? Being insured while you dive is important because you never known what can happen.
  • Breathe Normally ? The point of scuba diving is to experience the underwater without holding your breath. So make sure to never hold your breath because it can cause an embolism which can be a potentially fatal injury.
  • Stay Vigilant ? Don?t do more than you are physically capable of and keep an eye on your air gauge because you can only stay underwater as long as you have air in your tanks.

Stay Near the Best Finger Lakes for Scuba Diving

Choose the best Finger Lakes vacation rental that?s most convenient for you and your crew. We offer rentals on several of the lakes! To maximize the outdoor fun on your lake-cation, book a lakefront home with a private dock. Use your dock to start your scuba diving adventure or

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