Posted on 7/5/2020

5 Ways to Make Finger Lakes Premier Properties Your Home Away from Home

Guest photo of a campfire beside the lake

5 Ways to Make Finger Lakes Premier Properties Your Home Away from Home

Whether you?re planning a family getaway for two weeks or two months, you?ll want to feel right at home during your stay at Finger Lakes. What better way to make yourself at home than to start creating memories together? After all, home isn?t where you are; it?s who?s with you! We have a few ideas to get you started. Keep reading to find our favorite ways to make Finger Lakes Premier Properties your home away from home.   

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How to Make Finger Lakes Premier Properties Your Home 

Share a Meal Around the Table 

There are plenty of delicious restaurants around Finger Lakes to choose from, but there?s nothing quite like staying in and gathering around the dinner table. Pick up some fresh produce from one of the local farmers? markets and enjoy cooking up a new dish! If cooking isn?t your cup of tea, you could always grab a to-go meal from somewhere around town. 

Host a Family Game Night 

A classic game night is always a crowd-pleaser and sure to create plenty of fond memories. Sometimes all you need is a deck of cards and great company to have a good time! Each member of the family can bring one game for the whole group to play. Whether you choose charades, crazy eights, or Monopoly, it will be a night to remember! 

Create Something Together  

Getting a little messy makes anywhere feel like home, right? Try creating something as a family! Host an arts and crafts night to draw or paint together. You could even use it as a keepsake to remember your trip in the years to come! Frame it, hang it on the refrigerator, or keep it safe in a scrapbook.   

Capture Memories to Last a Lifetime 

You?ll want to be sure that you?ll never forget a minute of this exciting family getaway! Pull out your camera and snap a few photos of everyone together. Years down the road when everyone is grown up, you?ll be able to look back at the pictures and feel a sense of nostalgia for those fun family trips to Finger Lakes.   

Return Year After Year 

There?s no better way to make one of our Finger Lakes properties home than by returning year after year. Make this place an annual destination that the whole family can look forward to in the years to come!   

Book Your Stay with Finger Lakes Premier Properties 

Are you ready to call Finger Lakes your home away from home? Browse our diverse portfolio of rental properties in the area to find the perfect getaway for your stay. From Canandaigua to Cayuga, you?re sure to find a place that everyone in the family will love. From lakefront views to private docks, Finger Lakes Premier Properties offers everything you could want to make this trip unforgettable. Start planning your vacation and book your stay with us today! 

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