Posted on 1/20/2022

The Year of Glass - 2022

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The Year of Glass ? 2022

History, Art, and Culture in the Finger Lakes

2022 has been named the Year of Glass! Glass has made an enormous impact on the advancement of society through technology, health care, art and history. In celebration stay at one of our lakefront vacation rentals that embodies glass in some form. While you are here make sure you visit the Corning Museum of Glass. 

Corning Museum of Glass

It?s something we use every day, but do you understand what goes into the making of glass? It?s a fascinating process that you have to see for yourself! Corning Museum of Glass offers live glass demos any time or day of the week, or you can explore the art galleries that date back centuries.

Once you?re ready to try your hand at glassworking, you can make your own beautiful glass art. With a hands-on glass blowing lesson, make an intricate ornament, bead, pendant, or tumbler to remember your time in Corning. Or, give someone the perfect glass art gift!

Gaffer District

Explore downtown Corning, New York, and visit Gaffer District. This delightful area has some of the best small businesses, Instagrammable streetscapes, restaurants, and boutiques.  The area is called the Gaffer District in honor of the highly-skilled glass-blowing artisans who create unique glass pieces in all sizes, shapes and colors.


Something special from the start. Their works of functional art are formed using traditional techniques. Although the process takes time, it ensures that every piece is as individual as the wildflowers that grace their meadows. Each piece is hand-painted and no two are exactly alike. The pottery decorators mix their own colors, resulting in slight variations. Brush strokes also vary, so you will see the artisan?s ?hand? in the work. Each piece begins with the most natural and individual of materials: clay. Molded by hand, machine-pressed, or slip cast, the formed clay is fired up to three times, hand-glazed, and decorated. The process is time consuming and takes the special skill of artisans trained in age-old crafts.

Havill Pottery

Since 1972, they?ve been making functional pottery at their farm studio, located on a wooded hillside overlooking Keuka Lake in New York?s Finger Lakes region.

Each of their pieces is hand-formed and individually decorated with birds, blossoms or other themes inspired by our natural surroundings. They?ve developed several motifs unique to the Finger Lakes. Including grapes with leaves and the signature ?QKA View? landscape featuring a sailboat in the foreground and the Bluff in the background.

The material they work with is porcelain, a white clay, and brown-speckled stoneware. Thee finish their pots with glazes that they make themselves, in colors ranging from matt white, shiny burgundy red, mossy green, chocolate brown, and golden pumpkin. They?re constantly experimenting with new glazes. Two recent winners include a greenish turquoise they?re calling ?sea foam,? and a bluish purple named ?blue horizon.?

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