Posted on 3/8/2019

What You'll See at the Finger Lakes Boating Museum

Young girl at the finger lakes boating museum

What You?ll See at the Finger Lakes Boating Museum

Big or small, the Finger Lakes Boating Museum has got them all! This is a locally-run institution dedicated to educating the public on the boating heritage of the Finger Lakes. The museum is a perfect example of what makes this region so special. Housed in a historic building near Keuka Lake, the museum has three floors of fascinating exhibits, perfectly preserved vessels, and beautiful murals. Discover why you should add this to your next Finger Lakes getaway, as well as some of the other great museums in the region!

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Why You Should Visit the Finger Lakes Boating Museum

For those not familiar with the world of antique boats, trust us when we say that the Finger Lakes Boating Museum is one of the premier institutions of its kind. It?s run by a group of passionate locals who saw the need for a dedicated space that pays tribute to maritime history. Today, it displays over 200 boats from over 40 local commercial builders. You can tour the museum in the quaint village of Hammondsport. The building in which its housed is a piece of history in and of itself! It once was the headquarters of Taylor Wine Company, built in 1886 and since beautifully restored.

Tour the Museum

When you visit, take your time exploring the museum?s three floors. On display are vessels ranging from antique canoes to grand sailboats. You?ll even get to see a replica lake cottage and nature mural, which details flora and fauna found nearby. One of the highlights of the museum is the active boat shop. Here, you?ll watch as local experts work on restoration projects. You may be able to see the museum?s next big exhibit before its out on the floor!

There are also excellent courses offered by the Finger Lakes Boating Museum. If you?re serious about getting out on the water, their boating safety course is a fantastic way to get up-to-date on the best practices. The museum also hosts lectures that range in topics. You may hear about ice fishing, or you may learn about treasure hunting in Keuka Lake. No matter the lecture, you can rest assured that it?ll be fascinating!

Other Great Museums in the Finger Lakes

Here are two other excellent Finger Lakes museums:

  • Glenn H. Curtiss Museum: Head from the water to the sky! The Glenn H. Curtiss Museum focuses on the history of aviation. Learn about the life of the famous pioneer pilot and see some one-of-a-kind memorabilia.
  • Museum of the Earth: If you?re traveling with kids, the Museum of the Earth is a fantastic stop! Your little ones will love playing with the hands-on displays and seeing the well-preserved fossils. You may inspire a future paleontologist!

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