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5 Must-Visit Finger Lakes State Parks: Your Ultimate Guide

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Discover the Top 5 Places for Natural Wine in the Finger Lakes

Natural wine in the Finger Lakes is capturing the hearts of wine enthusiasts, and it?s easy to see why. This isn?t just a passing trend. It?s a way to experience the region?s rich terroir, which is like tasting the essence of the place itself. The Finger Lakes are more than just a scenic beauty in New York. It?s a wine region that invites you to explore its unique flavors. In this blog, we?ll talk about natural wine, how it?s made, and where to find the best selections in the Finger Lakes area.

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Sip and Savor: The Essence of Natural Wine in Finger Lakes

What is Natural Wine?

Finger Lakes natural wine is all about authenticity and origin. It?s made with minimal intervention, meaning fewer additives and less processing. This approach allows the wine to express its terroir, the unique composition of soil, climate, and other natural factors that give it character. 

Terroir is like tasting the essence of the place itself, making each natural wine distinct. You?re not just enjoying a beverage when you sip a glass of natural wine from the Finger Lakes. You?re experiencing a taste that captures the essence of the region?s unique landscape. And one that draws many people to this region just for that experience!

How is Natural Wine Made?

The process starts with organic or biodynamic grapes, which are handpicked to ensure quality. Unlike conventional wines, natural wines don?t use synthetic pesticides or additives. Fermentation occurs naturally, allowing the wine to develop its unique characteristics.

Where to Find Natural Wine in the Finger Lakes

Onyare: Known for their biodynamic practices, Onyare offers two styles of Riesling wine. A full-body Riesling called Beautiful Little Fool and Nostalgie, which fans of Muscadet will enjoy. 

Osmote Wines: This winery focuses on minimal intervention and producing wines that are as natural as they come. They have a wide array of wines, from chardonnay to cabernets.

Element Winery: A pioneer in the natural wine movement, Element Winery offers small-batch selections that are diverse, authentic, and constantly evolving.

Trestle 31: With a focus on sustainability, Trestle 31?s small-batch luxury natural wines are a testament to responsible winemaking.

Nine-Four Winery: This winery offers a curated selection of natural wines, each telling a unique story of the Finger Lakes terroir.

For more places to visit, check out our Finger Lakes Wineries guide for a comprehensive list.

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