Posted on 5/3/2018

Where to Find the Best Property Investment Advice

Property Investment Advice

Where to Find the Best Property Investment Advice

When it comes to property investment advice, it seems like everyone?s got a different perspective. Some people think the best way to make money off such a long-term investment is to go it alone. We happen to believe that a good property management company is the best way to see a return on your investment with as little stress as possible. If you?re searching for the way to turn your investment properties into a regular cash flow, we have the best tips!

Where to Find the Best Property Investment Advice

Property Investment for Beginners

The first step to managing an investment property is buying an investment property to rent. Aside from offering (and managing) a wonderful selection of rental properties to visitors, Finger Lakes Premier Properties also has an inventory of lakefront real estate listings. If you?re looking to buy a property to turn into a rental home in the Finger Lakes region, there?s no better place to start. Contact one of our real estate agents today!

Managing Your Property

Now that you have a rental property investment, it?s time to open the home to guests! But wait: have you thought about how long it takes to advertise a vacation rental? Do you know how you?ll get your property seen by potential visitors? What about insurance and property taxes? Are you prepared to spend eight to ten hours per week solely on advertising and maintaining this property? If the answer to these questions is a resounding ?no,? you need the help of qualified property managers. The hospitality industry is a specialized service, and unless you are experienced in this particular area, you?re unlikely to be successful on your own. Plus, this industry is constantly changing. Are you prepared to keep up-to-date on the latest trends while attending to the needs of your guests and maintaining the home?

Join the Team of Rental Owners

When you team up with a management company like Finger Lakes Premier Properties to rent our your family home or investment property, you can rest assured that you will have a team of people standing behind you for your best interest. If a lack of control concerns you, know that the owners still have total control in setting your rental rate, limiting the number of people who can occupy the home, as well as any major maintenance costs. You?ll be able to look at and analyze your rental income each month when you receive our reports, as well as the year-end summary. We will also process all lodging and sales tax owed on your behalf, as well as all credit card fees associated with the rental.

Contact Finger Lakes Premier Properties Today

Are you ready to invest in your future? Take a look at the many resources on our website. We have answered many common questions on our FAQ Page, as well as detailed our in-house housekeeping and maintenance services.

So don?t wait any longer! Contact us today to find out what you need to do to start making a return on your property investment.

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